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Navsari – Surat’s Spirited Twin

Navsari surprises you with its sheer vitality and vivacity in every way, with plush modern avenues merging into narrow winding alleys, flanked by quaint locales and bustling city markets. The city is enriched with a resplendent and multicoloured history, which is drowned in the rumble of its busy factories and vibrant communities. It has been influenced by the many rulers of various origins and descents who have ruled the city over the years. It is known as the settlement of the Parsi tribe, who migrated to the city in the 12th century. It is located on the southern coast of Gujarat. They called the city NavSari, which means "new Sari," because of its similarity to the Sari region of Persia. Navsari is undeniably charming, with its welcoming warmth and vibrant culture.


Discover Navsari's Delights


Navsari, the Parsi homeland, is an excellent place to learn about the community's cultural origins and heritage. A stroll through some of the city's older neighbourhoods provides insight into the lives of the residents. The Parsi Vad, for example, is worth seeing because of its stunning and distinctive architectural style. One of the holiest sites for the religion is the Atash Behram, a Zoroastrian pilgrimage. The memorials of eminent figures who lived in Navsari, such as industrialist Jamshedji Tata and freedom fighter Dadabhai Naoroji, are also worth seeing.


Navsari, like its twin city Surat, is a major industrial and retail centre. Local markets are excellent places to shop for high-end textiles and stunning diamond jewellery. Juicy mangoes and chikoos are a city speciality not to be missed. Wandering around the famous market places like Mota Bazaar and Textile Market is an exciting experience in and of itself.


Navigating the City


Given the existence of Navsari's criss-cross lanes, local transportation becomes particularly necessary. Local auto-rickshaws, on the other hand, are a great option because they know their way around the city. For travel inside Navsari, an auto-rickshaw can be found in any part of the city. State buses operated by the government are eligible for travel along the city's major thoroughfares and important areas. You may also rent a private taxi.


Things to Keep in Mind


Summers in Navsari are extremely hot and humid, making travel and sightseeing difficult. It is preferable to avoid visiting the city during the rainy season. When shopping at the local markets, remember to bargain hard because the rates quoted are always much higher than the actual prices.




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